Die Worte des Enkels

I cannot possibly be unbiased about this book. After all, it is about my family, my life: My grandmother!

Chronicling Ingeburg’s life, Frei in Zwei Diktaturen begins with her origins and those who left their mark on her early life: Her parents and grandparents. The majority of the book focuses on her experiences growing up during the Nazi reign, World War II and its aftermath: Making sense of the world and herself while trying to avoid being part of the system.

The second major focus is Inge and Reinhard’s life and work in Eastern Germany: What prompted them to live in this second dictatorship; how they hoped, labored and endured; the many ways that they strove to make this life bearable for themselves and other; and how eventually they got to see the reunification of Germany and a world so much closer to their desires.

As Inge’s grandchild this biography, primarily told in her own words, made me appreciate her in so many more ways, as a person who believed, was spirited and so often defied custom and circumstance to do what she considered right. It was an honor and comfort knowing her in life and a great pleasure to get to „meet“ her again this way.